How Landis, the Guy from Facebook, Turned Into Our Marriage MVP

How Landis, the Guy from Facebook, Turned Into Our Marriage MVP

Travis and I were just looking to snag a desk off Facebook Marketplace, right? Nothing fancy, just a spot to put our endless piles of paperwork and maybe, just maybe, get a little more organized. Enter Landis – a guy we'd never heard of, giving away for FREE exactly what we needed. Little did we know, this gentleman was about to drop some serious wisdom on us, turning a simple pick-up into a game-changer for our marriage.

It's not just what he said, but how he said it. Landis had this way of making you feel like you were the only two people in the world. He wasn't just offloading a desk; he was sharing bits of his journey, his ups and downs, and all the wisdom he'd picked up along the way.

We needed what he had to say ... we needed to hear it bad!

Landis was all about giving. Not just the desk, which he practically gave to us for a song, but his insights, his time, his energy. He talked about marriage like it was this epic adventure, with its own set of dragons to slay and treasures to find. And just like that, he turned a light on for us.

He drove all the way from Lebanon to Murfreesboro to help Travis put the desk together. THAT NEVER HAPPENS THESE DAYS! The least I could do was to sing him a song that I hoped he might like. 

Landis, just a good ol' country boy, became our unexpected guru, showing us how to light up our lives and our marriage with a bit of understanding and a whole lot of heart.

Since meeting Landis, we've been seeing things differently. Every little argument or bump in the road feels more like a chance to grow together, rather than a reason to grow apart. It's like we've got this new, unwritten rule to lead with kindness, just like he did.

Sharing this story isn't just about telling you about a cool thing that happened to us. It's about passing on a bit of that Landis magic. Maybe it'll remind you to look for the light in your own relationships, or even be that light for someone else. After all, if a random desk sale can turn into a life lesson, who knows what other surprises life has in store?

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I’ve known Landis more decades than he or I choose to remember. There is no more devoted follower of Jesus you will meet. I can say without hesitation anything he told you came from his time seeking guidance by his, our, Heavenly Father.


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