Teacher | Songwriter | Music Lover

"A Fun, Boot Stompin' Country Music Artist & Songwriter!"
Ashley Dawn is a bundle of personalities that are nearly impossible to reconcile. Her presence scatters unhappy emotions the way dawn dispels the gloom of night. It’s hard to feel blue around Ashley Dawn!
Her free spirit flows naturally from loud and funny to sweet and devoted. Lively one minute and sentimental the next making her entertaining and dynamic. It’s easy to feel happy around Ashley Dawn! 
When performing solo with her Taylor Guitar she is soulful, feminine and delicate. A "Voice of an Angel" delivering an honest, emotional and captivating performance that can silence the Nissan Stadium. When backed by a honky tonk band she’s an electric fireball of energy! Toe Tappin’, Line Dancin’ and Boot Scootin’ all over the stage! She’s the party starter! 
Lightheartedly described as “Dolly 2.0” by her fans Ashley Dawn is a respected Professional amongst her peers in the music industry. She claims the titles Producer, Writer, Audio Engineering Student, Author, Motivational Speaker, Creative Brand Director, Mental Health Advocate for the Homeless and Mother of Three. 
Ashley’s spirit animal is the Australian Quokkas who wear “ Hey There! Good to see ya! Oh, You brought pie!” smile on their faces. 

“A Fun, Boot Stomping Country Music Artist & Songwriter”!
“A Unicorn! More Energy than Mass”!
“Dolly 2.0”!

Ashley’s deep love of the 90’s Country Music scene can her heard in her own upcoming album release. The Sound is Fun and Fresh! 
Ashley Dawn says “Turn off the news and turn on the tunes”!