Born drinkin’ from the water hose and raised on the twang of Randy Travis, Ashley Dawn grew up to be a fun-lovin’, boot-stompin', honky-tonkin' country music songwriter and entertainer. From Brigham City, Utah, she made her way to Nashville, Tennessee, where she landed on the musical runway and put down some new roots.

Ashley's upcoming first solo project is a testament to her talent and heart as a country music songwriter. The collection features songs born at the kitchen table amidst the chaos of raising babies, folding laundry, and paying the water bill. With playful titles like “Trailer in the Woods,” “Letter to the Judge,” and “Who are you (to tell me I’m wrong),” the collection embodies the heart of this country sweetheart's artistry.

She delivers a musical experience that's family-friendly and filled with fun for everyone. Her signature sound is a cheerful fusion of traditional country vibes and bluegrass, sprinkled with a dash of sparkle. The melodies are brought to life by the lively fiddle and the spirited pedal steel guitar, creating a perfect harmony that complements the lively twang in her vocals. It's more than just music; it's a joyful journey that captivates hearts and gets the toes tapping.

Ashley Dawn stands as a true American country music artist. Her commitment to the art of songwriting, her strong connection with fans, and her dedication to family values elevate her beyond being just a songwriter and musician—she emerges as an inspirational figure for all. In Ashley, we witness the profound belief that music is a potent medicine, and she administers it with authenticity, passion, and an unwavering love for the country music way of life.
Now, life hasn’t been all roses and rainbows for this country bumpkin’. After the sudden death of her mama followed by divorce, Ashley found herself in the dark unknown, feeling as if a tornado had leveled her home to its foundation. Alone in cleaning up the wreckage, the once carefree young lady found herself in unprecedented pain. Faced with a choice, she could either abandon music forever or grab her guitar, channel the hurt onto paper and sing through the pain. This marked the beginning of Ashley's heroic journey—juggling college as a single mother, and establishing a music management company, all while life's lessons continued to test her resilience. It was a battle to rebuild a life for her children and rise to the role of Matriarch.

Rising from a period of healing and embracing newfound strength, it seems that the warmth of sunshine is returning, and the flower buds are blooming once more in 2024! With her new line dancing, country music-loving truck-driving husband, and 4 kiddos in tow, Ashley is heading out for her first regional radio tour, meeting new country music fans at Cracker Barrel for a coffee and shopping! Join Ashley Dawn on her journey at and indulge in her music on your favorite streaming platform.

Ashley Says, “Turn off the News and Turn on the Tunes!”