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Trailer in the Woods Lyric Tee Shirt

Trailer in the Woods Lyric Tee Shirt

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Trailer in the Woods Tee Shirt featuring the lyrics of this catchy country song right on the front!🌲

Picture this - a trailer tucked away in the woods, a septic tank, and a long, winding gravel driveway leadin' you right down to a pretty lakeside spot – all while wearing your love for country living with this comfy and stylish tee shirt.

It's like wearing a slice of the good ol' country life wherever you go.✨

Here's why you'll love it!

Cozy Comfort: This shirt's as comfy as sittin' by the campfire. 🔥

Country Chic: It's got rustic charm and those catchy song lyrics to boot. 👢

Mix and Match: Perfect for pairin' with your favorite jeans or skirts. 👚

Start Conversations: Get ready for folks askin' about the song and your love for the country music!🌻

Don't miss out on the fun – grab the "Trailer in the Woods" T-Shirt today, and let your country spirit shine in style! 🤠👕🎶

Shoot...might as well grab ya two while you're here. One to wear while one's in the wash!

Made to Order JUST FOR YOU! Thanks for your patience.
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