The Small Wins Keep Writers Going

The Small Wins Keep Writers Going

When you put your head down and get to work for a very long time, sometimes the small wins pass by quickly because you’re working so fast and so hard. It’s hard for you to stop and savor the moment.

Today … We are stopping to look around at all that’s been built, sip on a lime inspired concoction and savor the smallest win that keeps us writers going.

I met with a much respected major label today, a first, and with smiles they kept my song for further review. Another first.

That’s huge. That is validation that what I've been doing as a writer and producer is working and the work is finally beginning to be recognized by other music professionals.

Who knows what will come from it financially but the validation is everything to me. The very much needed gust of wind needed to fill my sails and push me a little further along.

The other day to my surprise, I ran across a couple of old emails that my mom had sent out on my behalf to a newspaper expressing her excitement about her daughter's website and music. She signed the email “One very proud mama”.

I cried like a baby laying on the couch clutching my laptop. It's been so utterly lonely and difficult doing life and building a music career without my moms encouragement. She was my cheerleader and celebrated me like no one ever has … that is until I met Travis Dean.

What a gift to have a man that can physically, emotionally and spiritually lift you up on his shoulders and carry you through tough times and remind you of who you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you’re capable of.

So here’s to slowing down, crawling on your belly if you must, but never giving up on yourself no matter who believes in you or not.

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