Hey Friends, Nashville, Here I come! 🎀🎸

Hey Friends, Nashville, Here I come! 🎀🎸

Guess what? After what feels like forever, I'm finally heading back to Nashville to perform, and I couldn't be more stoked! It's happening at Puckett's, folks – yes, that cozy spot we all love, right in the heart of music city. It's been years, and I'm buzzing with excitement to get back on stage in this amazing city.

Puckett's is that kind of place where you walk in, and it just feels like a big warm hug, you know? It's got that vibe that only Nashville can offer, where every tune tells a story and every meal feels like a feast. And this time, it's not just about the music; it's about us hanging out, catching up, and just having a great time together.

I'm officially inviting YOU! Yes, you reading this. Let's make it a night of tunes, tales, and maybe a little bit of Tennessee whiskey (or sweet tea, if that's more your style). I want to see your faces, share some laughs, and just soak up the good vibes with you all.

And hey, why not make a dinner date out of it? Puckett's has those drool-worthy dishes that'll have you coming back for seconds. Let's dig into some good food, cheer on the music, and enjoy the night together. It's going to be laid-back, fun, and just a touch nostalgic for me.

This gig is a big deal for me, not just because it's been ages since I've played in Nashville, but because I get to share it with you. You've been with me on this crazy journey, and now we get to celebrate together, in a city that's all about the music and the people who love it.

So, are you in? Save the date, make your reservations, and let's make some memories at Puckett's. Can't wait to meet up, share some stories, and have a blast together. Nashville, we're coming for you – let's make it a night we'll all remember! 🌟🍽️🎢

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Hi Ashley Dawn, Thank you for invitation to hear you Sing our favorite Songs at Pucketts, I can’t wait to be there, it’ll gonna be fun 4sure , I’ll see you there my friend !!

Greg Trent

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